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Happy 4th of July!!!

Every once in a while I pour energy into a project just for me. This is one of those  projects. The Flags that fly over our city mean so much to so many. I am proud of the civic pride displayed in my community. Here are a few of my favorite Star Spangled Banners over Tullahoma. I hope that you enjoy this video.

Old Glory over Russell Barnett Ford

This flag is truly a landmark in Tullahoma.It is visible as you enter Tullahoma on Hwy 55 and Keith and the guys over at Russell Barnett Ford do a great job of caring for this wonderful banner.

Cement Trucks to Splash Island

What an awesome project! Can't believe it is finally Open!

Life Guard Training @ Tullahoma H2O

What an AH MAZZING afternoon at the Pool- Tullahoma H2O . Many thanks to Kurt and Carla. And an extra big THANKS to Jonathan for not dropping my camera set-up  ;) This is gonna be a really great addition to Tullahoma!